Managed Firewall & SIEM

Even the most innovative technology can only go so far without the right people. Synergisdic’s managed firewall and SIEM solution provides intelligent tools backed by an experienced team. Our combination of smart technology and expert analysis protects your business from today’s evolving cyberthreats.

Managed Firewall + SIEM = Full-Scale Threat Management

Cybersecurity expertise

Our experienced team investigates alerts and can distinguish between harmless activity and potential threats in a way no software can.

Proactive monitoring and management

From initial network traffic assessments to ongoing maintenance, we manage your cybersecurity from end to end.

Statutory and regulatory compliance

Vulnerability analysis, threat intelligence, and other tools and protocols meet complex industry compliance requirements.

Next-generation features

Agile behavior modeling, machine learning and intrusion detection offer intelligent, next-gen security protection against emerging threats.
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The Case for Managed Cybersecurity

More than half of small businesses shut down after a cyberattack. Protect your business from today’s growing number of complex cyberthreats with managed firewall and SIEM.

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Email Security

Innovative tools and staff training create a strong defense from today’s sophisticated threats.
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Endpoint Security

Advanced tools monitor devices and access potential risks for maximum network protection.
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How It Works

Synergisdic is part of an elite group of managed service providers called The 20 — a unique collective where decades of tech expertise and real-world experience meet. The result is an unmatched team of cybersecurity professionals protecting your data 24/7/365.