Endpoint Security

How many desktops, laptops and mobile phones do your staff use to get business done? As the number of devices accessing your network increases, so do the opportunities for cybercriminals to find their way in. Synergisdic provides best-in-class endpoint security protection to keep your data safe and your team productive.

Strategic Endpoint Security for the Modern Business World

Round-the-clock expert monitoring

We monitor all endpoints accessing your network, examining all files, scanning traffic and filtering out potential threats in real-time.

Anytime/anywhere productivity

Effective endpoint security measures allow team members, clients and vendors to safely and conveniently access business documents from wherever they work.

Reduce risk

Bring your own device (BYOD) policies, centralized management and user access provisioning keep sensitive data out of the wrong hands.

Business continuity

Devices create, share and store business data. Smart technology predicts and prevents threats before they have a chance to disrupt your business.
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The Struggle Is Real

If you think cybercriminals primarily target big banks and large corporations, you’re wrong. More than half of all data breaches hit small to medium-sized businesses.

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Email Security

Innovative tools and staff training create a strong defense from today’s sophisticated threats.
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Managed Firewall & SIEM

Secure your network through advanced filtering of suspicious, unwanted traffic.
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How It Works

Traditional security solutions can’t fight today’s sophisticated cyberattacks. Benefit from decades of experience and expertise with state-of-the-art endpoint security services that are truly all-inclusive.