Email Security Services

Even the savviest email recipients can fall victim to a well-crafted social engineering campaign. Synergisdic understands the potential fallout from a successful email attack and provides a comprehensive email security solution to protect your data and your business.

Preventative, All-Inclusive Email Security Solutions

Proactive staff training

We teach your staff best practices for how to identify the telltale signs of a malicious email, what to do and more importantly — what not to do.

Advanced security protections

We protect your business communications with regular updates and patches, spam filters, antivirus and antimalware.

Data encryption

Our email security solutions employ data encryption practices, so sensitive information is safe even if intercepted in transit.

Ransomware protection

Strong email security protections dramatically decrease the odds of finding yourself on the wrong end of a ransomware attack.
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Your Weakest Link

Email is one of the most popular tactics used by cybercriminals, and it’s easy to see why. It works. Human error is the number one cause of data breaches.

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Endpoint Security

Advanced tools monitor devices and access potential risks for maximum network protection.
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Managed Firewall & SIEM

Secure your network through advanced filtering of suspicious, unwanted traffic.

How It Works

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